Personal Financial Management

At the end of the Financial Physical® we will ask you if you are ready to work with us on an ongoing basis. Personal Financial Management is how you work with us over the long term. We will consolidate your available assets with a custodian that allows us to act as an advisor, and reduce your worry and burden in the process. Our services include ongoing financial planning, tax preparation, and investment management.  

Examples of Ongoing Financial Planning Include:

  • Helping you optimize your employer and government benefits
  • Doing analyses in advance to see how your taxes can be managed
  • Ensuring your beneficiaries are up to date
  • Answering the phone when you have a question or concern
  • Retirement withdrawal strategies
  • Periodic insurance reviews (home, auto, liability, life, disability, LTC)
  • Making sure you understand your estate documents, and updating them when needed
  • Calculating and distributing your Required Minimum Distributions

We charge 1% or less on assets under our care depending on your specific situation, subject to a minimum quarterly fee of $625.  You can learn more about our fees by clicking below.