June 2019 Update

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Inertia: The Number 1 Enemy to Sound Investing

To an investor, the main obstacles to wise investing are greed and fear. How often do people buy stock simply because they think that they are going to make a significant amount of money? Greed can make the most rational of investors act foolishly. On the other side of the coin, panic often increases with market volatility.…

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The Rest of the Universe of Investing

We’ve discussed the Risk-Free Rate, but if that return is not enough to meet your goals, where do you turn? There are no shortage of options, and we’ll attempt to cover most of them in this article and upcoming webinar. The glossary below will define each type of investment, but it is important to first…

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The Elements of Estate Planning Most Missed

Many equate estate planning with creating a will. So, when you finally get around to writing your will– a task most of us prefer avoiding rather than addressing, you feel satisfied that you took care of everything. Unfortunately, though, you are far from finished with estate planning when you complete your will. Two essential elements…

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To Extend or Not to Extend?

It seems every year most people want to have their taxes filed by April 15th, and nobody wants to file an automatic, no questions asked extension till October 15th. It seems to us as many feel they are doing something wrong if they do not file by April 15th. Many believe if you extend your…

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Investment Risk Management

It is one thing to understand the universe of investing, but it is another thing to know how to work with it. The universe of investing tells us that any investment that yields more than the safe rate of return comes with risk. Risk can be defined in many ways, but for this article, we will identify…

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Working Beyond the Age of 70

There are many benefits to working beyond the age of 70, the greatest of which is that those who work later in life—and enjoy what they do—often experience good health. If, however, a person does not enjoy the work that they do, or simply does not wish to work past 70, then a path to…

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