How We Serve You

We know that fulfillment in life is not derived from the mere accumulation of currency and investments, but from true wealth contentment.  Your true wealth will be your own unique lifestyle, portfolio and net worth statement.

Introduction Meeting

Come chat with us and get to know us. It is a no cost, no obligation meeting where you interview us. We'll help you to understand our process and philosophy so you feel comfortable working with us.

Financial Physical®

The Financial Physical ® is our trademarked service that is designed to provide you with a complete overview of your financial situation as it relates to your aspirations and values.  Like a doctor examining your physical health we review your entire financial health.

Personal Financial Management

At the end of the Financial Physical® we will ask you if you are ready to work with us on an ongoing basis through our Personal Financial Management. Our long-term services include ongoing financial planning, tax preparation, and investment management.

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Education Center

Financial Pulse

The Financial Pulse is our monthly video that we use to keep our audience up to date and informed. It covers current events, market updates and financial planning tips and tricks.

Money, Riches & Wealth

Every week, Drew Tignanelli, along with other special guests,  answers our listeners’ burning personal financial questions.

Consulate Podcast

The Consulate Podcast is a short podcast for people who want to learn more about personal finance with a focus on education, not sales.


Watch Drew and Bob, both CPAs, discuss the financial planning implications of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (tax reform).

Consulate Journal

The Consulate Journal is our written blog, dedicated to educating our audience on a wide range of topics from financial planning philosophies and strategies to our own views of money.

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Charitable Giving in Light of the New Tax Law

There is a new tax law that has changed everything for a while. One of the biggest changes is the new expanded standard deduction and the elimination of many itemized deductions. Before we discuss these changes, a good understanding of…

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The Tax Withholding Paradox

It is true that most people will see their income tax rates lowered in 2018, but is it possible that despite having their rates lowered, some may actually owe more in income tax? The answer, unfortunately, is yes, given that…

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About Our Firm

Our Mission is to help our clients lessen the worry and burden of money management so they have more time to spend building relationships. This concept has been at the forefront of all of our work for the last 30 years.  We have partnered with individuals, families and companies to bring clarity about their own wealth in the form of a personalized, comprehensive financial planning service-- the Financial Physical®.  Over 1,000 households have chosen us to be their ongoing financial planner through Personal Financial Management which includes discretionary asset management.