Personal Financial Management

This service includes on-going financial advisory services and investment management. The Financial Consulate designs portfolios for you using mutual funds, individual stocks, bonds, alternative investments and cash vehicles. Our proprietary investment process, termed Risk / Opportunity, is uniquely designed to seek long-term gains first, through the protection of your original investment in troubled markets, and second, through the growth available when assets are purchased at prices denoting a good value*. Learn more about Risk/Opportunity Investing.

The design of the portfolio is dependent upon your needs, goals and risk tolerance. Financial Consulate charges a fee for assets under management to ensure objective management advice. For additional information, please see our ADV Part II.

Financial Supervision

Asset Supervision is a service that complements your total investment strategy and estate planning. This unique service allows you to bring all assets not managed by the Consulate to us for non-discretionary supervision. Assets will be held in the securities of your choosing. It allows for those who want to manage their own assets but would like an advisor’s supervisory capabilities. Fees are fixed and are ongoing for asset supervision. For additional information, please see our ADV Part II.



*The Financial Consulate and its advisors do not guarantee any investment returns or return of principal. Past returns are no guarantee of future results. All investments involve risk, including the potential for loss. Some securities, such as equities, among others, involve more risks than other securities. Higher risk investments may have the potential for higher returns, but also have the potential for greater losses.

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